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Learn languages in an intuitive and brain-friendly way instead of tedious learning by rote.

Learn languages in an intuitive and brain-friendly way instead of tedious learning by rote.

With the Birkenbihl method you learn a foreign language the way you learned your mother tongue, making it an intuitive and enjoyable experience. Based on findings from brain research and social sciences, this method is clearly different from traditional methods of language learning as taught in school. Language learning made easy!

Language learning turbo:<br>the Birkenbihl method

Language learning turbo:
the Birkenbihl method

This brain-friendly method enables you to learn languages intuitively, effortlessly and much more efficiently. You will soon be able to talk, read the newspaper or enjoy a foreign-language film with very little effort required.

No learning lists of words,<br>no grammar exercises!

No learning lists of words,
no grammar exercises!

Poring over individual words and grammar rules makes learning unnecessarily difficult. This does not have to be the case! With Linguajet you learn in an efficient, brain-friendly way - and it’s a lot more fun.

Save time: <br>10 minutes is enough

Save time:
10 minutes is enough

Forget language lessons at fixed times and specific locations. You can learn whenever and wherever you want and achieve success quickly and efficiently. Ten minutes a day is enough.

I can still remember things I heard years ago! I was particularly impressed by the 1:1 translations.
Karen Christine Angermayer
Holiday fun or holiday frustration?

Holiday fun or holiday frustration?

Travel to exciting countries, get to know foreign cultures and make new friends. Languages are a fun way of forming connections. However, learning a foreign language wasn’t always easy. Today it is much easier to learn languages.


Compare the benefits of Linguajet language courses for yourself

Language course in language school Linguajet language course
Time spent a lot a little
Discipline required a lot a little
Learning lists of words
Correct pronunciation perhaps
Own learning pace
Select contents
Select learning times
Mobile learning (app)
Travel short or long none
Learning success slow fast
Price $$$ $
A more self-confident, relaxed approach has been developed thanks to the speech tapes, which have removed all the stress.
Evelyne Lauber
Speech Therapist

About Linguajet

Linguajet allows you to learn or improve a foreign language quickly and with minimum effort, and to have fun at the same time. Without the tedium of learning lists of words and doing endless grammar exercises. Just as you learned your mother tongue: an intuitive, brain-friendly and enjoyable experience. 

The Linguajet courses were developed according to the Birkenbihl method by Vera F. Birkenbihl. It is a method that clearly distances itself from conventional language learning methods and has reawakened the joy of foreign languages in many wannabe linguists. With this learning method the fun factor is writ large. Within just a few weeks you will be able to talk effortlessly.

Linguajet has further developed this method and created an app that makes it possible to use the Birkenbihl method always and everywhere.

Thanks to the Linguajet app, you can use the Birkenbihl method anytime, anywhere. Never before have you learned a language so quickly, easily and effortlessly.


How does the Birkenbihl method work?

The most important two characteristics of the Birkenbihl method are:
1) Learning vocabulary is forbidden
2) Learning grammar - only those who want to!

The Birkenbihl method clearly distances itself from conventional methods of language learning. With this learning method, the fun factor is very important! With only a few learning units per day you will achieve success quickly and efficiently! After you start the program on your computer, a screen with two lines of text appears. In the upper text line you see the foreign text spoken by a native speaker, and in the lower text line you see the text - translated into your native language - that has been decoded from the foreign language (translated word-for-word). 

The exercises now work as follows: 
You hear the text in the foreign language and read the text in your native language at the same time. The whole thing works in a similar way to karaoke: The individual words light up on your screen and jump forward synchronously.

You can open each individual lesson of the language courses independently and repeat the exercises as often as you wish. With this method there are no limits. Of course, the more often you practice, the faster your learning progress will be.

What is brain-friendly learning?

The Birkenbihl method follows the approach of brain-friendly learning. Brain-friendly methods are ones that take into account the natural learning techniques of the human brain.

Man naturally learns by imitation. When our ancestors learned something, they first observed their environment before imitating a desired behavior. Babies and toddlers still learn through imitation and adults can do the same. Therefore, any method that supports the neuro-mechanism of imitation is known as brain-friendly.

If you want to learn a language, it means that the best thing to do is to act like an infant learning his or her mother tongue. Get to know the foreign language in detail before you try to speak it. The Birkenbihl method makes that possible for you.

How often do I have to repeat the exercises to make progress?

This is, of course, very individual. But one thing's for sure: The more you repeat the exercises, the faster you will make progress. A few minutes per day are sufficient. Do a number of small sessions at intervals and you will see how quickly your brain gets used to the new language. Your subconscious automatically absorbs it and in the course of time you will no longer have any problems understanding the language. You will even be able to speak the language.

Why do students still have to learn words in language classes today?

There are good reasons for this: Teachers have to teach whole classes at once. They cannot respond to the individual learning needs of each student, but instead need a standardized curriculum. It is also important that teachers can objectively test and assess their students. It is much easier to do this in writing. In addition, schools attach great importance to grammar, although one can express oneself correctly in a language without knowing all the rules - just as with one's mother tongue.

The method of brain-friendly learning therefore follows an individual approach that is less practicable at school. However, some schools now incorporate brain-friendly learning into their teaching as far as possible.