Foreign languages make you successful and attractive

Despite a lack of motivation and time, there are many reasons to learn a foreign language.

To know many languages is to have many keys to a lock. (Voltaire)

Foreign languages can be of great use in any situation in life. Wouldn't you like to know what the attractive man on the subway was saying to you in Spanish? Did you get lost during your stay in Frankfurt and couldn't ask how to get back to the hotel because you don't speak German? Do you get the feeling your interpreter didn't tell you everything that the French business partner said about your last project? Then it's time to take a closer look at the advantages of learning a new language!

Learning a new foreign language may present many people with a great challenge. But the private and professional benefits are so important that it makes it all worthwhile.

Feed your brain and keep it fit

It's no secret that people who constantly give their brains new input stay healthier and fitter in the long run. Learning a foreign language stimulates our brain cells and keeps us on our toes. We even increase our memory by learning new things, repeating them and putting them into practice. According to a study by University College London, people who speak more than one language suffer less often or later from Alzheimer's than their peers who speak only one language. Learning a foreign language thus also has long-term benefits in terms of mental health in old age.

Strengthen your self-confidence

Just as in sports, learning a foreign language and the associated learning success can have a positive influence on our self-confidence. Success makes us proud. It is not important to read and reproduce correct grammar or to have every word readily available. The mere feeling of happiness of being able to communicate and being understood will increase your self-confidence and spur you on to deal more intensively with the new language.

Discover foreign cultures and make new friends

As soon as you learn a new language, you automatically come into contact with the culture in which the language is spoken. Learning a foreign language with Linguajet does not involve stubbornly learning vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, but it gives you an insight into the everyday life, traditions and ways of thinking of the people who speak the language you are learning. You broaden your horizon, you learn to see the world with different eyes and look beyond the otherwise more tourism-oriented horizon. What previously seemed completely strange to you may now seem quite understandable.

Perhaps learning a foreign language will change your perspective on some things. You will understand the behavior of foreign cultures better and thus make new friends. Whether it is an exchange via an online learning portal or a language trip to the country of origin of the language in question. Social media make it easy for us to stay in touch even after such activities.

Get to know your own mother tongue better

Goethe knew that by speaking a foreign language, one learns to understand one's own mother tongue better: "Those who do not know foreign languages, know nothing of their own." It is only once you have got to grips with a foreign language and its previously unknown culture that you learn the meaning of your own.

Our mother tongue feels completely normal for us and we do not question it. But we only really get to know it when we start to tackle foreign words and meanings.

Use your foreign language skills when traveling

Once you have learned to understand and in the best case even communicate in a foreign language, you will soon notice that it opens doors, both privately and professionally.

You will find it easier to communicate when traveling. Are you lost? That's not a problem anymore: A friendly local is bound to help you. And now that you no longer have communication problems, you can quickly find your way back to your destination.

You are no longer tied to tour guides or irritating group excursions. Instead, you can use your language skills and explore foreign cities and countries on your own. You will see that this way of traveling can not only be great fun, but also opens up completely new possibilities for you.

With a good knowledge of foreign languages, a vacation becomes an unforgettable adventure, full of experiences and completely individual impressions far away from the tourist crowd.

Why not simply climb the career ladder a little higher?

Does your colleague speak the language of your business partners abroad effortlessly? Does this give him or her more recognition and also the opportunity to attend appointments abroad which you are denied due to your lack of language skills? You can change that!

Nowadays, mastering at least two languages is almost unavoidable if you want to find your dream job or climb up the career ladder. Applicants with extensive language skills are in demand in all companies. Most companies, even small and medium-sized ones, operate internationally, which is why the ability to communicate worldwide is often a prerequisite for employees.

In fact, employees with a very good knowledge of foreign languages often receive a higher salary than those who do not have these skills. If you want to improve your career chances, you cannot avoid learning a foreign language. The commitment to learning a new language will always be viewed positively by your employer, which will enhance your reputation and improve your opportunities within a company.

Be it for your private or professional use: Foreign languages help you in all situations in life. Whether you enjoy coming into contact with foreigners, experiencing travel more intensively, understanding foreign language reading or for specific use in your professional life - learning a new language opens up a multitude of possibilities and brings great advantages. Look at it like Voltaire: The more languages you speak, the more doors open to you.

He who dares, wins

So don't hesitate and join Linguajet for the next lesson in your preferred language. Take advantage of the positive effects of learning a new language. And by the way: British dating agencies have found that talking with an accent is sexy and appealing to others. So that's yet another good reason to learn a new language!



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