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Whether on vacation or on a business trip - English will get you anywhere. What if you're a non-native English speaker and English wasn't your strong suit at school? No problem, because with the Birkenbihl method everyone can learn languages - without spending a lot of time, without learning tedious lists of vocabulary and above all getting frustrated.

"Honey, are we going on vacation in Canada this summer?","Mrs. Weber, we want you to take over the construction of our new branch in London!" These are actually sentences you like to hear. But in some situations like this, a little tension can be added to the joy, because your English is perhaps a little rusty or has never been very good. Fortunately, however, there is a way to learn English - or other languages - quickly and effectively. Regardless of whether your school lessons were two months or twenty years ago: you can achieve the desired effect with the Linguajet app, which works according to the Birkenbihl method.

The Birkenbihl method - what is it?

You don't know the Birkenbihl method? Then it is no wonder that learning languages has been very difficult so far. The usual teaching methods are poorly tailored to the brain and therefore only work really well in a few cases.

But first things first: Vera F. Birkenbihl was a German management trainer and author who devoted her entire life to learning and teaching methods. In doing so, she pursued new approaches to make learning "more brain-friendly" and thus easier. One of these approaches is the Birkenbihl language learning method, which does not teach students to learn vocabulary by heart, but to actually understand the words of the foreign language.

What is the recipe for success behind the Birkenbihl method?

There are many situations in life for which you need to learn English quickly. Whether it's a surprise vacation, a new career opportunity abroad, problems in regular language classes at school or a new partner in life who may only speak English - you may need to brush up your English at any time.

With a language course you will hardly make any progress in such a situation, because on the one hand such a course usually takes several weeks and on the other hand the teaching method is very badly aligned to how the brain actually learns. Linguajet's language learning app is different, because with the Birkenbihl method you learn in the same way that babies pick up language: Quite intuitively and without learning vocabulary and grammar rules. You start by listening to the text in the foreign language and reading a literal translation - in effect you are decoding the text for your brain so that, for example, you immediately think "table" when you see a table, instead of having to take the detour of a translation in your brain, as in classical learning. The second step is to consolidate what you have learned so that you not only understand the words, but can also use them in everyday speech.

In addition, the Birkenbihl method makes use of the fact that the brain "continues to learn" on its own after a learning phase. Therefore, the lessons are always divided into small sections, which are repeated at intervals. The "relearning phase" takes about seven minutes, so with a lesson duration of about ten minutes you can almost double your learning time with this effect - and without any additional effort.

Effective learning - with the Linguajet app

The Linguajet app offers everything you need to start learning right away. This way you always have an overview of all booked courses. Among other things, there are courses for English on vacation and stories suitable for children to learn.

The courses are divided into several chapters in the app, each of which is geared to the ideal learning time of ten minutes. In addition, the chapter overview gives you an overview of the learning success to date. Of course, there is also information about the course, such as the number of different words you learn during the course, a description of the content, the total duration of the lessons and the language level. So you can quickly and easily decide which course is right for you and you always keep an eye on your success. The latter in particular is very important for motivation, because only those who can recognize progress are willing to continue.

Active listening ... and very fast understanding

The actual lessons are divided into two sections in the Linguajet app: "Active listening" and "Passive listening". When listening actively, a native speaker reads to you in the app and you read the text on the screen of your smartphone or tablet in a literal translation - you practically "decode" the text. In this way, the brain automatically makes the right connections and you will gradually understand the text better and better. Once you have learned the meaning of a word, you can "tick it off" in the app. So you always know how far you have progressed with a lesson.

Repeat the active listening until you understand the text without any problems. Ideally, you should repeat an exercise three to five times a day - but if your schedule is tight, you can get ahead with one exercise a day. With the Birkenbihl method you learn not only the words themselves, but also the grammar - because the brain can abstract the underlying rules through decoding.

Passive listening - subconscious learning without investing too much time

Active listening is followed by passive listening. You no longer consciously concentrate on the text, but instead let it run in the background while you take care of other things. Whether you are playing sport, on the bus on the way to work or at home, passive listening is basically possible everywhere with the Linguajet app. By subconsciously recording the text, the brain creates the necessary nerve pathways for the use of the words - so you learn to speak almost subconsciously. If you want, you can also speak along quietly or silently to practice the correct pronunciation.

We know from practical experience that the first successes will be achieved after just one week, so if you want to learn English as quickly and easily as possible, then the Linguajet app is the perfect choice for you.



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