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Vacation in France - a dream! However, the French are sometimes somewhat obstinate, and especially away from the cities, English is not always a universal language. Fortunately, the Birkenbihl method makes it possible to learn languages quickly and effectively... so you can look forward to your next trip to France!


Have you booked a holiday in Martinique, do you need to go to Morocco on business or want to visit friends in Provence? Then you can look forward to an exciting stay with many new impressions... provided you can speak French. If you have never opened a French textbook before or if your knowledge from school has become somewhat rusty, this is no problem, because with the Linguajet language app you can make yourself understood in no time at all.

The Linguajet app at a glance

The Linguajet app is based on the Birkenbihl method, which was developed by the management trainer and author of the same name and which, in contrast to classical teaching methods, does not rely on memorizing words. Instead, you record the information in a "brain-friendly" way. It means that the input from the grey cells can be processed particularly easily and stored quickly.

This works in a similar way to babies, who can gradually decode words by listening to them and then use them. So you learn intuitively with Linguajet and practically let your brain work for you. This also plays a major role in the second important element of the Birkenbihl method: the relearning effect. When our brain learns something, it continues to deal with the subject for a while after learning, thus enhancing the learning effect - and without any effort, because it happens subconsciously.

For this reason, the lessons at Linguajet are deliberately limited to ten minutes, because the relearning effect, which lasts about seven minutes, allows you to practically double your learning time without having to do anything!

French? English is much more important...

This all sounds very convincing - but perhaps you are wondering why you should learn French at all? You can get along with English, can't you?

Well, English skills are certainly an advantage when traveling, but there are also many areas of the world where you won't get far with English. Especially in rural areas of France, the locals are sometimes a bit stubborn and expect visitors to at least try to communicate in French. In many former French and Belgian colonies, such as Mozambique, Congo and Cameroon, French is still the official language, and in others, such as Vietnam and Tunisia, it is still widely spoken.

Many of these countries are of great interest to international companies because of the emerging markets there, so knowledge of French can be a great advantage from a professional point of view. But French is also a good choice for private individuals, because countries such as Vietnam and Morocco are definitely worth a visit, as are overseas departments such as Martinique and, of course, France itself.

The functions of the Linguajet app

Have you got the travel bug and a desire to start learning right away? Then the Linguajet app is the perfect choice for you. It is available for the iOS and Android operating systems and allows you to learn comfortably with your smartphone or tablet - no matter whether you are sitting on the couch at home, on the bus or taking a lunch break in the office.

In the app you can see all the courses you have booked so far, so that you can always keep an eye on everything. There is also a tutorial that shows you how to use the individual functions in the app. The courses themselves are divided into several chapters, each with an "ideal duration" of about ten minutes. In addition, the learning progress in the individual chapters is displayed so that you always know how far you have progressed in the respective lessons. In addition, there is a comprehensive description for each course and each lesson, including the length and number of words you will learn during the course. The individual lessons are always available in two variants: "Active listening" and "Passive listening".

Active listening - and understanding

Active listening is about decoding the French text. You will hear the original text read by a native speaker and read a literal translation at the same time. This way your brain stores the foreign words directly with the appropriate association, so that you don't have to do a "translation in your head" later when listening and speaking. This method is very similar to that of babies, who also gradually understand the meaning of words through repetition.

It is therefore a "natural" approach to teaching that takes the functioning of the brain into account. And that is exactly the reason why the Birkenbihl method is so effective for learning.

In order to keep track of your progress, you can "tick off" individual words you have already learned in the Linguajet app. This way you will not get confused during the short learning phases and the intervals in between. Speaking of learning phases and intervals - one lesson a day is enough to learn a language with Linguajet. However, if you have the time, three to five lessons per day make more sense, as this will help you to achieve success more quickly.

Learn to speak through passive listening

Once you have completed a chapter with active listening, it's time to switch to passive listening. You only run the lessons in the background and no longer read the text. This means that this stage of the learning process is possible practically anywhere and anytime. Whether you are sitting on the couch at home, playing sport or going shopping, your brain absorbs the information and automatically forms the necessary nerve pathways that you need to speak in the foreign language.

If you want to enhance this effect - and at the same time perfect your pronunciation - you can also speak along quietly with the text while listening passively. In this way, you will achieve initial success within a week and can apply what you have learned. Put the Linguajet app to the test - and be amazed by the quick results!




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