Learn Languages at Turbo Speed - 10 Weeks to Basic Vocabulary

Is your family vacation just around the corner and are you much too late in thinking about the right language course? Or did your boss plan your business trip earlier than expected?

Whether you want to put tired children's legs in the right taxi or score points with potential customers with successful small talk or want to reach your language goal by a given deadline, you need motivation and the right method.

With the Birkenbihl method of brain-friendly learning, Linguajet will guide you in just ten weeks to a basic vocabulary that will take you safely through the first conversations. You can find out how it works here:

Learn a new foreign language quickly, flexibly and successfully

For many, the lack of time is the biggest obstacle to learning a new foreign language.

If a mother is learning Chinese on the side between the trips to soccer training and homework help, precise planning is required.

An upcoming business trip to France can also quickly become a stress factor if you would like to present your intercultural skills and one or two charming anecdotes en français in good time.
And those who have set themselves the goal of learning a foreign language after a well-earned retirement often struggle with self-doubt despite all ambitions. After years of professional life, it takes courage to go back to school voluntarily and, in order to promote this, rapid learning success is a decisive factor.

Whether you have in mind a last appointment before a business trip or a vacation for learning a new foreign language, or whether your learning simply has to fit between many other dates, it is usually the limited time that unsettles us. How long does it take to learn a new language? Can I do it in the time I have left?

Almost everyone has had these questions arise. But don't make the mistake of jumping into the traditional vocabulary during a week off. Instead, use Linguajet's short 10-minute learning sessions to ensure reaching your goal in a short period of time.

Linguajet guarantees your success within ten weeks with a specific vocabulary learning guarantee.

How does the vocabulary learning guarantee work?

According to the vocabulary learning guarantee, only one to three learning units of ten minutes each are required daily in order to get a safe start in the new foreign language and to acquire a guaranteed basic vocabulary within ten weeks.

And why one to three learning phases of only ten minutes each? Because the ability to absorb vocabulary for hours rapidly diminishes! This is why the Birkenbihl method relies on ten-minute learning units, which you can take on as many times a day as you like, depending on the learning objective and schedule you have set.

The freedom to use the short learning units as often as you like during the day allows you to reach your personal language goal within ten weeks. This keeps you flexible and ensures that your brain is in full recording mode during every session. By regularly repeating the exercises you can understand simple conversations and have a successful, easy conversation after a very short time.

What is your learning objective? Fundamental, basic or advanced vocabulary?

300 words - the fundamental knowledge
With only one to three ten-minute learning units per day you will acquire a sound fundamental knowledge of the new language within ten weeks. You will be able to follow the first conversations effortlessly and get involved in a conversation yourself.

600 words - the basic vocabulary
Only 20 weeks with one to three daily learning units are sufficient to build up an extensive basic vocabulary with the Birkenbihl method.

With these "unique words" Linguajet provides you with sufficient vocabulary to pass the university entrance exam in German-speaking countries!

1000 words - the professional know-how
After 30 weeks with one to three learning units per day you have finally cracked the 1000 mark. With this know-how we guarantee that you can understand 90% of all texts without any problems.

By the way, most people only use about 600 words in everyday life. They are thus well prepared for interesting discussions and can even shine with anecdotes on individual subject areas such as culture, art or business.

Would you like it to go faster? It's all in your hands!

Are 20 weeks too long for you to attain basic vocabulary? Then simply increase the workload of the daily ten-minute units and crack the 600 word vocabulary mark within, for example, six weeks!

The basic vocabulary already allows you to understand 80% of foreign-language texts such as articles in magazines or the news and you can easily pass an examination in the foreign language corresponding to the German university entrance exam. This makes it the target of many learners.

 As the learning guarantee graphic shows, you can reach your learning goal much faster if needed! As the development curves show, you will have already learned the basic vocabulary of 600 words with five to eight units per day after six to ten weeks (green line). Is that not yet enough for you? Then simply increase your workload to eight to 15 10-minute learning phases per day (blue line) and you will already have the basic vocabulary after about two weeks of intensive vocabulary training.

Why several units per day?

Since your brain is most receptive during a learning phase of ten minutes, you should use the interval technique and actively train your vocabulary during this time by reading and understanding the texts. In addition, your brain continues to work for seven minutes after a learning unit with the Birkenbihl method! So you can sit back and relax after ten minutes of learning, while your brain almost doubles the learning time on its own.

You can also put short breaks to practical use in your everyday life. Did you miss the bus, for example? You can easily bridge random waiting times with the next lesson.

So it is better to study several times a day, because as you can see, three units of ten minutes are significantly more effective than half an hour at a time.

The only thing you still need besides the units is the constant listening to the new words, as is the case when learning your mother tongue. Therefore, the Birkenbihl method recommends to train active and passive listening and reading comprehension at intervals. After an active phase, for example, you can return to your everyday life, but let a French radio program run in the background.

Creating motivation means always keeping learning success in mind

If you are afraid that an unforeseen low in motivation could thwart your vocabulary calculation in the ten weeks, you are not alone in this worry.

Because we all know that the hardest part in learning a new language is staying on the ball.

At this point, you would like to drive common language courses to peak performance with increasingly difficult lessons and tasks. The result is frustration and the recurring feeling of standing in front of a mountain of unknown vocabulary. We often forget how much new information we have already successfully saved!

The Birkenbihl method ensures that you always keep your current learning successes in mind so that the fun of what you have learned does not diminish. During each lesson our vocabulary counter will run and let you know how many new words you can already add to your vocabulary account.

And this is how the vocabulary counter works:

  • You are reading an unknown text in the target language. A word-for-word translation runs in a second column.
  • By listening to and reading the text several times, you will quickly understand most of the words without having to look at the translation.
  • These successfully saved words can now be promoted to your vocabulary account with a single click. For each new word you mark as learned, the vocabulary counter will respond with a rewarding +1.

The big advantage: You will notice your learning success immediately instead of at the end of the lessons.

With the Birkenbihl method you can measure your learning process and see at any time where you stand on the way to your 600 word basic vocabulary.

With a clear goal in mind and with rapid learning success, you can look forward to your personal deadline with confidence. With brain-friendly learning units you attain a solid foundational vocabulary in ten weeks, the basic vocabulary in 20 weeks, and with only three sessions per day you also crack professional know-how in 30 weeks. Or speed up learning according to your needs.

You can take the units with you anytime and anywhere in the mobile version and simply use random breaks or waiting times for learning. Try it out very simply and without obligation! Use our free trial and test the Birkenbihl method for your personal language goal!



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