Learn languages faster: Why you save time with Linguajet

Already you can see yourself abroad, casually chatting with the local residents, and you can even feel the envious views of your companions. After all, you just got the phone number of the pretty waitress at Plaça Reial in her native language.

In real life, the search for the right language course quickly brings you back down to earth.

Learning lists of vocabulary is hard work and grammar exercises are no fun. And in the end will the laboriously translated small talk trip off your lips in the way you imagined?

Probably not, as vocabulary and grammar skills do not guarantee you a feeling for the language. Now you're wondering: Isn't there a better, faster way? Yes, there is!

To get you talking faster, Linguajet uses the Birkenbihl method of language learning. The motivational trainer Vera F. Birkenbihl developed a brain-friendly learning method that differs from traditional and long-winded methods.

You find that hard to believe? Then this article will explain how you can save valuable time with Linguajet.

Brain-friendly learning instead of scary lists of vocabulary

It is perfectly possible for you to master a foreign language quickly and efficiently on your own. All you need is the right learning method.

If you approach a language in a brain-friendly way, this means that you acquire a feeling for its sound before actually speaking or writing the words. You become familiar with the language in such a way that your brain automatically links the words to the correct meaning.

By learning to understand first, vocabulary and grammar rules are subconsciously stored and can intuitively find the right place in the sentence during later use.

If you use the brain-friendly Birkenbihl method, you learn a new language just as children learn their first words: through intensive listening and imitating the sounds. And thanks to Linguajet you can even speed up this effective learning process.

Practicing understanding with decoded texts

Not welcome at school, Linguajet teaches a large part of your lessons through word-for-word translations. Birkenbihl officially grants you the license for so-called decoding, and not without reason.

Our brain loves puzzles. And the grammar of the target language becomes a secret code that your brain must crack. So if you get a headache from tedious grammar exercises, you can revive the fun of language learning with decoded texts.

First, you actively listen to a foreign-language text that has been recorded by a native speaker. You listen to the sound while a decoded translation runs along in the lower field. This allows you to link the meaning of what you hear directly to the correct sound of the words.

Since your brain learns actively and is even more receptive due to the puzzle factor, regular interval training of ten-minute sessions is completely sufficient for rapid learning success.

After the exercise is over, your brain continues to learn for seven minutes - virtually without you doing anything. While the new information is being processed, you can return to your normal everyday life.

Passive listening for perfect pronunciation

The more often you go through a text, the easier it will be for you to understand what you are reading without decoding. You already know what they're saying.

Now the beautiful new words coming from your own mouth should sound as beguiling as those of a native speaker. You don't need hours of language training to get the pronunciation right.

To be able to speak a foreign language without any accent, you only need to have its sound in your ear regularly. Switch over to passive listening. The spoken texts can be taken to sports training as an MP3 or played in the car.

So you can go about your daily errands without having to plan extra time to study. As the foreign language is constantly present as a sound backdrop, your subconscious takes up the sound of the sentences even when your attention is divided, and intuitively assigns their meaning to them.

Along the way, the brain gets used to the correct pronunciation and you will be able to communicate more quickly in the target language without any accent.

How traditional school methods inhibit our learning success

If I can learn faster and more effectively with the Birkenbihl method, without taking up too much of my time, why did we still have to learn vocabulary and grammar by rote at school? It's a fair question.

The answer is as simple as it is frustrating: The traditional school methods have the task of providing as many students as possible with a uniform knowledge that can be objectively assessed much more easily by written tests.

Teachers lack the time to respond to the individual learning needs of each student. As a result, the focus is on standardized curricula that leave virtually no room for active thinking and motivating learning success.

And even those who are struggling successfully through the vocabulary lists and the grammar jungle often end up with official language qualifications without actually being able to order a coffee.

Time for new techniques

So the old methods are long outdated. It's high time we looked for more effective ways to learn. After all, it is in the nature of man to think about optimizing strategies and techniques that make life easier.

If we realize that even A-grade students cannot handle the language they have learned in practice, something can't quite be right with the system.

The good thing about this realization: We can choose! If a method does not bring the desired success, one should not immediately regard the whole project as failed, but rather question the technique. Choose a new technique! The Birkenbihl method therefore simply turns all conventional learning strategies on their head.

Instead of theory, the first thing you do with Linguajet is practice listening comprehension. By combining active and passive listening, your brain intuitively links the new words with their meanings, giving you a natural feeling for the rules of language. Dry grammar exercises become superfluous.

No more wasting time

You will train yourself to use the new sounds with Linguajet just as you did as a child. And so you can start talking directly with significantly less time.

That way you can order the right tapas in Barcelona or a cup of coffee with the pastry of your choice.

If you are not yet convinced that the Birkenbihl method accelerates your learning success, why not give it a try yourself! Linguajet offers some lessons for free!


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