Learn Languages with the Linguajet App - on the Go and in Passing

It would be nice to speak a foreign language. Learning a foreign language, on the other hand, is really hard work. Do you think so? This does not have to be the case!

With the Linguajet app you can learn a language quickly and easily - on the go and in passing. You don't need to brood over vocabulary cards at home alone or muster up will power every day.

Read about how it works right here.

The advantages of an app

A big disadvantage of a classic language course is the enormous amount of time it takes. Not only do you have to learn during the course, but you often also have to prepare and follow up the lessons.

In addition there is travel to the course, because you are seldom lucky that a language course is offered in the immediate vicinity.

With an app for your smartphone or tablet PC, this problem is eliminated. You can learn when and where you want. Whether on the bus or train, on the way to work or at home in the bathtub - with a mobile app you are not even bound to your computer, as would be the case with a conventional online course.

This way you can manage your time effectively and since you can take your smartphone with you wherever you go, you will always find a few minutes to train your new language skills.

Just a few minutes with the Linguajet mobile app is all it takes to achieve results.

One learning session in ten minutes

Linguajet works according to the Birkenbihl method. This focuses on brain-friendly learning.

Natural neurological learning techniques are used, which means that learning units of ten minutes are completely sufficient. Even if you want to learn longer, breaks are planned after ten minutes, as the brain subconsciously processes the learning material for about seven minutes.

This allows you to almost double your learning time without any additional effort, even if you are already working on something else.

In addition, you learn much more effectively than with other learning methods, because the ten-minute cycle gives your brain the time it needs to process the new knowledge.

The strongest learning effect

Linguajet recommends doing a ten-minute exercise at least once a day. If you repeat this exercise three to five times a day, the learning effect increases and you progress even faster.

You will see that these learning successes will have a very positive effect on your motivation.

With these short learning sessions you can really integrate the language course into your everyday life without any problem. Even after a long working day, a relaxed ten-minute lesson is still possible.

Other parts of the method also function mainly subconsciously without further effort.

The Linguajet method

Vera F. Birkenbihl, the eponym of the Birkenbihl method, was a well-known management and motivation trainer. Linguajet uses the learning method she developed exclusively for language training.

If you're worried that you have to sit at home alone with the app to study vocabulary and grammar, you can rest assured. Because brain-friendly learning of the Birkenbihl method does completely without dry memorization.

Brain-friendly learning is considered to be only that learning which supports the natural learning processes of the brain. These are mainly based on imitation. Our ancestors have learned throughout their lives through imitation and our offspring continues to do so today.

Infants first observe their environment for a very long time before they implement things, such as imitating sounds and then speaking. These findings are implemented by the Birkenbihl method mainly through two techniques: Active and passive listening.

Step 1: Active listening

Active listening is the first step in language learning with the Linguajet mobile app, which is about actively engaging with the foreign language before you start speaking. Just like babies and toddlers do intuitively.

A native speaker will read a selected foreign language text via the app. At the same time, you read the text in your native language. For this purpose, a so-called decoding line is displayed.


This decoding line is not a "clean" translation of the text into German, but a direct word-for-word translation. This allows you to learn the words intuitively without having to spend a long time learning vocabulary.

You can even easily learn words that have different meanings in different contexts. The karaoke effect supports you. This is a unique feature of Linguajet's language courses.

At the same time as the audio track, both the foreign language subtitle and the corresponding word in the decoding line light up. When you understand a word, simply touch it in the decoding line and it disappears.

Step by step only the text in the foreign language remains. When the time comes, you will understand the text and have made the first step. As already mentioned, just a few minutes a day are enough to do this.

Step 2: Passive listening

Once you understand a lesson, you can quietly run it in the background. This step is called "passive listening".
You don't even need to listen consciously, but can concentrate on other things - even if they make noises. Your subconscious is still aware of the text. This allows your brain to create the nerve pathways needed to speak a new language.

Accent-free speech

Through this subconscious training you will be able to speak the text perfectly and without accent after a few days - the same way a child learns a language.

Are you skeptical? Then think about why a language vacation abroad is so effective. One is not only forced to learn the foreign language, but also to be surrounded by it all the time. Abroad, your brain learns correct pronunciation just as subconsciously as it does with passive listening.

Passive listening is great for when you're on the go. On the bus or train, on the way to work or at home, you can simply run the text in continuous loop over headphones and read a book or newspaper at the same time, for example.

This will enable you to make rapid learning progress without additional time expenditure. You can easily check your progress with the app.

Step 3: Application

Once the pronunciation is deeply rooted in your subconscious, you can start with your first speaking exercises. Birkenbihl has collected many brain-friendly speech exercises.

A previously popular, now unfortunately abandoned brain-friendly exercise is what is called choral speaking. You can easily practice choral speaking at Linguajet in the mobile app.

Exercise: Choral Speaking

You first turn up the volume of the lesson that should be heard through headphones and speak softly at the same time. Later you turn the volume down and speak louder and louder.

You do this until you no longer need the native speakers, usually you can now memorize the lesson. This has the advantage that you now understand the content perfectly in your native language and the target language. Contrary to some misconceptions, you should not record your pronunciation in this exercise. This simply means that you are guided by your own accent and not by the accent-free native speaker.

How the Linguajet mobile app works

With the Linguajet mobile app, however, you don't have to restrict yourself to texts read aloud. You also have access to jetMovies in the respective foreign language. These films also work on the principle of active and passive listening - but in connection with a filmed story, which of course increases the fun factor.

The app has two main views. The first is the library, which is marked by a cloud. Here you can see all the courses you have acquired. You have access to these courses anytime and anywhere. This allows you to use all acquired courses on different devices, only the courses you are currently using are stored locally.

All courses stored on your device can be found under the "Local" display, which is indicated by a smartphone icon. If you delete a course from your device's local memory, it will of course always be available to you online through the library.

In addition to displaying your courses, you have access to personal statistics and information about your learning progress. All content is easy to find via the intuitive user interface.

Get started now!

The app is available for Android and iOS. An internet connection is only required to synchronize different devices with a profile, to download new courses and to watch jetMovies. These are available online to save your storage space. All other content also works offline.

The app itself is free. You only pay for the courses you really want. So that you can decide at your leisure which courses these are, you can download two basic courses free of charge for each language offered and try them without restrictions.

Just give it a try - you will see, with the Birkenbihl method and Linguajet learning is fun again and you will see your first successes in a short amount of time.




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