Learning Languages Online: Linguajet in Comparison

Many providers promise learning a foreign language simply and with the most modern method. But which method is right for you?

To find out, let us introduce you to the three best known providers of online language courses and then compare them with what Linguajet has to offer. We compared only those providers that offer several languages.

The exact offer and further background information on these methods can be found at the respective websites of the providers.

This way you can make an informed decision for yourself about which method suits you and your way of learning best.


It is simply unavoidable in the media right now. Babbel is probably Germany's best-known online language course.

Babbel is based in Berlin and offers courses in 14 different languages. Their concept is based on interactive, varied and playful learning.

In addition to the core offering of the language courses, there are a number of extras such as a vocabulary trainer, a mobile app and an active community.

The structure

Babbel's level of difficulty is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It provides for these six levels of difficulty: A1 and A2, B1 and B2 and C1 and C2.

Babbel does not offer all languages at all levels of difficulty. Only English is taught up to level C1. This makes Babbel suitable for beginners and advanced users in most languages they offer.

Babbel's courses are divided into individual lessons of 10 to 15 minutes each. There are between five and 30 lessons per course.

The exercises

In addition to the basic vocabulary, there are thematic courses, for example vacations, flirting, etc., with which you can learn according to your personal preferences.

The distribution of the courses is up to the learner, because the progress is documented and recorded. So you can interrupt at any time and continue at a later time.

Unfortunately, a search function is missing. The learner cannot search for specific topics, for example exercises on grammar, but is instead obligated to comb through courses individually.

Babbel focuses on the fun of learning and offers interactive exercises. For example, images must be assigned to the appropriate words. In general, the use of media is quite modern. With the help of a microphone, Babbel can recognize and evaluate the learner's pronunciation.

There is also a classic vocabulary trainer that remembers and reminds which words should be repeated. The vocabulary is accumulated over the course of six learning levels, where the sixth level stands for vocabulary that has established itself in your long-term memory.

The extras

A big advantage of Babbel is the very active community with about one million users worldwide. By contacting them you can test your new language skills right away.

When a lesson is completed, Babbel awards certificates. This is a nice validation whose value grows with the increasing popularity of Babbel.

The prices

Babbel charges a monthly fee. The longer you book courses, the cheaper the monthly fee will be, from originally 9.95 euros.

An initial course is free to test Babbel.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has a very modern approach to language teaching. Translations and vocabulary learning are completely dispensed with. Instead, foreign-language words are spoken aloud, to which the user must then assign the appropriate images.

The structure

The offer includes courses in 33 different languages. Rosetta Stone thus leads our comparison field in this area.

Rosetta Stone is aimed at people age six and older. In addition to courses for private learners, there are also courses for companies, universities, public authorities, language schools and institutes. The contents range up to level B2 of the CEFR.

The exercises

The exercise part of the course is an interactive course, which can be played either via download or CD-ROM on your own computer or can be taken directly online.

Rosetta Stone assumes that people learn their mother tongue through active speaking. Based on this approach, words from the program are presented which must be assigned to images. However, there are no translations. The user can practice the pronunciation of the words via a microphone and is corrected by the program.

Another point is writing exercises. Rosetta Stone provides an on-screen keyboard to ensure that all special characters are available to the learner.

The extras

The online access offers some further functions. Like Babbel, there is an international community. In addition to a chat function, Rosetta Stone offers various educational games.

Of particular interest, however, is the language class, in which you can communicate directly with a teacher via webcam, though the tutor cannot see you. After each learning unit such a live session is offered. It lasts 25 minutes and is conducted in groups of a maximum of four people.

All online functions can also be used with a mobile app.

Since the course works with many repetitions and does without complicated grammar rules and explanations, the learning progress is comparatively slow. 

The prices

Rosetta Stone's offline offer costs 399 euros, the online course costs 275 euros for one year and 340 euros for 24 months. 


Lingorilla also offers a concept where students can freely allocate their study time.

The special feature of the program is the emphasis on video lessons. There you can observe native speakers in everyday conversations and learn the new language with the right pronunciation. In addition, you will immediately get a picture of facial expressions and gestures that are typical in different cultures. There are also videos explaining the basic grammar rules of the languages.

The structure

Lingorilla offers five different languages. Lingorilla also follows the CEFR and offers courses from level A1 to B1, which makes it mainly suitable for beginners. English is also offered up to level C1 and as Business English.

Before you start, you can take a free placement test, which takes about five to ten minutes. You will then receive a course recommendation to get started with the language program.

Each language course includes different courses on different topics, such as beginners, advanced, travel, etc. However, at the beginning of the course you will only have access to one of these courses. You can then choose another course every month.

The courses include approximately 20 video lessons and various games and exercises.

The exercises

With the exercises you can practice vocabulary, reading and writing skills, listening comprehension and grammar.
However, the exercises are only explained in the foreign language, which is difficult for beginners, to whom Lingorilla is mainly directed. In addition, the exercises are not automatically aligned with the videos, which means that you have to find the exercises that fit to the video yourself.

The prices

The basic price of Lingorilla is 19.99 euros per month if you book for three months (the shortest possible period). In addition, six (14.99 euros per month) and twelve months (9.99 euros per month) are possible.
Before you enroll in courses, you have the opportunity to try them for one week free of charge.


Linguajet works according to the concept of the famous motivation trainer Vera F. Birkenbihl and offers courses for nine languages. The Birkenbihl method utilizes brain-friendly learning. This means that the natural learning mechanisms of the brain are used, which are those already used in small children when they learn to speak.

For learning a new language this means that your learning time can be freely divided and the focus is on joyful learning with many learning successes to keep motivation high.

The structure

The offer is aimed at beginners and advanced students, whereby the different courses deal with different topics.

Linguajet delivers the courses as videos. The special feature is the decoding line. This is a word-for-word translation of foreign language subtitles. The aim of this method is to get to know the content of texts before starting to speak.

The Birkenbihl method completely dispenses with the stubborn cramming of vocabulary.

Only those who want to study grammar, because the method provides that one understands the foreign language first, then learns the correct pronunciation subconsciously and only afterwards learns to read and write.

Each learner is free to take the lessons only as far as is of interest to him or her.

The exercises

In the videos, native speakers talk to each other in different situations. The first step is to read only the decoding line in your native language. Thus you learn the meaning of the vocabulary intuitively.

You can hide learned words until you only have the foreign-language text in front of you and understand it. The aim is to achieve very rapid success in teaching.

You can take the lessons on your home computer or on a mobile app. An internet connection is required for the videos.

The prices

Linguajet requires a one-time payment of 89 euros. Some of the courses offered can also be purchased as a package, making them even cheaper.

A free trial lesson is available for each language.

Conclusion: Whom is Linguajet for and for whom is it not?

If you want to learn languages according to the recommendations of the CEFR, you have a large selection of providers on the Internet.
Linguajet uses a different method, so you will not find any certificates.

The user must be open to the new learning concept. This is a bit of a change compared to other language courses. Games and communication with an international community are also eliminated.

Are you open to this new learning concept?

Nevertheless, it is fun to learn a language with the Birkenbihl method, as the self-reward mechanisms of the brain take effect through frequent learning successes.

The goal of Linguajet is that you can use a language quickly. You will quickly learn to speak without accent and to understand native speakers.

Writing is practiced but not in focus. This can be a disadvantage, especially for languages with foreign characters, such as Russian or Chinese.

The big advantage, however, is that understanding, speaking and reading build on each other and only those who want to master everything have to learn all areas.

Would you like to get started?

If you are open to the Birkenbihl method and want to learn a language on a path that takes the natural neurological processes into account when learning, you can have a lot of fun with Linguajet. The focus here is on many small successes to keep your motivation high.

This makes it relatively easy for you to learn foreign languages - without any accent.




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