Motivational tips for language learning

How about learning a new language? That would be something - then you could chat away with ease on vacation instead of always being dependent on translation tools, friends or your partner as an interpreter. All you lack is the motivation... but fortunately, the Birkenbihl method offers you a quick and simple way to learn languages - bringing you one step closer to motivation!

Vacation: This means wide beaches, sparkling water, a few trees for shade, and plenty of sunshine - but before you get there, the first stumbling block is the passport control. "Mozete mi molim vas svoju Putovnicu pokazati!" And already you're out of your depth. Although Germany's football team has conquered the world, German is not much used abroad and your school language lessons feel a long time ago. If only you could finally find the motivation to learn the language you always wanted to learn...

With the following tips and the Birkenbihl method, with which Linguajet makes you a language professional, you can do it! And then you can really start to look forward to the next vacation, the next business trip or the next family party abroad.

Learning languages is fun - if only it wasn't so complicated...

Learning a new language is the dream of many people - maybe you are one of them? Unfortunately, it's not all that easy, because who has time to learn vocabulary and practice pronunciation in addition to work, education, family, friends, sports and a variety of leisure activities? A language course gives the whole thing more structure, but then you have to sacrifice a whole evening every week and still study during the week and on weekends. This is - understandably - too much effort for most people. Even if you take the plunge and start a course, you will probably feel like most other students: You visit the first two or three sessions... You lose patience... and then your motivation falls away.

Even more difficult are the "lone fighters" who decide to learn a language on their own after work. They get everything ready, buy a textbook, a vocabulary book, a CD with language exercises and so on... and then? Usually the motivation is enough to sit down for a week or two, but after that it's easier to give into the temptations of the couch, Netflix or a beer with friends. The textbook and the ambitious goals are quickly forgotten - just like New Year's Resolutions!

To avoid this, you have to find the right way in...

As you can see, the way you learn a language is very important. Especially if you want to learn a language in addition to your education or job, it has to be simple and not too time-consuming - otherwise the motivation will quickly evaporate or never even set in. This is exactly where the problem lies with classical learning methods. Language courses take up too much time, and due to the size of the courses, success is usually very slow. Language trips are very effective, but they require even more time - let alone the horrendous costs. Such language trips can be very expensive!

With the Birkenbihl method, as used at Linguajet, you have struck gold - the perfect solution for everyone. Because with this approach you learn in a "brain-friendly" way. This means that you absorb the knowledge in the way that is best for the brain to process and store. You read a text and the appropriate translation at the same time, and you also listen to the words so that you learn the pronunciation at the same time. And the best part: The lessons are pleasantly short (about 10 minutes) and can be easily integrated into your daily routine. When listening passively, you also make use of the "relearning effect" of the brain and practically double your learning time - without additional time expenditure.

And with the Linguajet app you can learn anytime and anywhere: on the way to work, at lunchtime, at the gym, on the couch... ok, maybe not watching Netflix! This simple method helps you overcome any natural laziness.

... and then stay on the ball!

Now you already know how to get started and motivate yourself to start learning languages - but how do you keep up your motivation? We have put together some super tips for you.

The most important thing in language learning - as in almost any task - is that you succeed. If you have struggled twice a week for eight weeks in a short language course, then of course you want to see results in the end. Unfortunately, classical learning methods do not perform well here either. Of course, after a language course a few chunks will get stuck, but in most cases - let's be honest - the result is very poor in terms of time.

At Linguajet it's different, because here you can achieve a lot in a short time. Since the brain absorbs the knowledge more efficiently with this method, you will also celebrate your first successes very quickly. As an additional motivation, you can "tick off" words you have already learned in the Linguajet app with a single click and thus see at a glance how far you have achieved your language success.

Setting goals... and rewarding yourself - very important!

In addition to these basic tips, there are of course many other ways to motivate yourself for language learning. For example, if you have already completed a few lessons, you can simply reward yourself for your efforts! Finally you can watch your favorite film in its original version. Or meet native speakers and surprise yourself with how much you already understand and how well you already chat away. Such rewards are always very individual, of course, but they motivate tremendously, because they show you the learning success to date - "it works", you will say: perhaps even in the new language.

Goals that you set for yourself when learning have a similar effect. Of course, they should not be Utopian - even with Linguajet you will not master a language perfectly after two days - but if your goals are realistic, you can reward yourself for your learning effort in this way. A little hint: If you plan stage goals in weekly steps, the achievement of your goals can be celebrated every weekend.


If you want to learn a language, it is important that the learning effort is minimal and can be easily integrated into the rest of your daily routine. In addition, it is important that you can recognize a continuous learning success and reward yourself at the same time, as otherwise your motivation will decrease very quickly. The Linguajet app is therefore the perfect solution, because with it you can learn practically anywhere, does not take up too much of your time and, thanks to the high efficiency of the Birkenbihl method, success can be achieved quickly. Make your inner couch potato a language professional - just give it a try!



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