jetMovie language courses

What is a jetMovie?
Learning a language with jetMovie is one of the most modern approaches of our time. Watch a movie or series and learn a language automatically using the karaoke effect. That's fun, entertainment as well as sustainable learning.

jetMovie is a video clip turned into a language course. The difference to a normal movie is the special subtitels. Instead of the normal ones, Linguajet uses the jetLine, which is a de-coding line (word-by-word translation). With an internet connection, the video clips can be watched any time.
What is a jetLine (de-coding line)?
jetLine ist a word-by-word translation into your mother tongue. It is the fundamentals of the Birkenbihl-Approach: Read the de-coding-line while listening to the foreign language.
What do I get when ordering a jetMovie language course?
When ordering a jetMovie language course, you will receive the computer course including the video clips (internet connection is necessary for watching the videos). All language courses may also be used on smartphones or tablets (Mobile App available). Download the app for Android or iOS free of charge. "Active Listening" with the karaoke effect (=reading the jetLine while listening to the foreign language) is even available without internet connection. You only need internet connection for synchronizing your learning process and for watching the video clips.
Can I watch the jetMovie video clips on by PC/Mac or on my smartphone/tablet?
At the moment no. However, all jetMovie video clips are available online. To watch the clips on your computer, smartphone or tablet you need internet connection.
How can I watch a jetMovie video clip?
Computer: Log into the language program (Linguajet Desktop) and open the jetMovie language course. Next to the "start" button you will see a video symbol. Click on this symbol to start the clip.

Mobile: Watching the clips in the app is just as easy. Open the jetMovie language course. You will now see the "Active Listening" options for the lessons. On the bottom of that, you will get displayed the available video clips. Click on them to start the clips.
Why do I need a video?
Using a video to learn languages has many advantages. The jetLine allows you to learn much faster in less time. Also, you don't need to learn like you probably used to in school, because there is no cramming of vocabs or grammar rules.
How do I learn with a jetMovie?
Learning to understand a foreign language is super easy with jetMovie language courses. This step is the first and most important one when learning a new language. So start with "Active Listening", especially when you are a beginner. Choose the lowest speed at the beginning. Repeat 2 - 3 sentences in 10-minute-exercises. Switch between computer/app and video clips. Change after 10 minutes. This way you double your learning success.

If you already understand this and that, start hiding the word-by-word-translations by clicking on the single words. This way the word counter increases by 1 so that you always know about your learning process. 

We call this learning step "Active Listening" or "Karaoke Effect". Learning this way will double your learning success. At the same time, you not only learn to understand the language, but you also learn how to apply it. Switching between computer/app and video clips, you support this effect. The video clips help to strengthen your learning effect and transports new information from short-term to long-term memory. By the way, learning will become entertainment and fun. 

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The Birkenbihl Approach to learn a foreign language

How does the Birkenbihl Approach work?
The two most important guidelines of the Birenbihl Approach are:
1) Cramming vocabularies is forbidden
2) Grammar only if you want

The Birkenbihl Approach is clearly different than any other learning method. Having fun is the most important factor of the method. Only a few learning units a day are necessary to proceed quickly and easily. 
After starting the learning program on your computer or mobile app, you will see a two-line text. The first line displays the foreign text, the second one the word-by-word translation into your mother tongue (de-coding). 

This is how the exercises work:
You listen to the foreign language, spoken by native speaker, and read the de-coding (word-by-word translation) into your mother tongue. The program works similar to a karaoke player: The word pairs (foreign word plus translation) light up on your screen synchronously to the speaker of the foreign language - like a karaoke player.
You can start all lessons separately to repeat text passages as often as you want. The more often you repeat the sequences, the quicker your learning process. Choose between the two activities "Active Listening" (=Karaoke) and "Passive Listening" (Listening to the mother tongue only, but in the background). More about the technique can be found under "computer courses".
How does the Linguajet language course work?
When starting a language course on the computer or mobile app, you will see a two-lined text: The first line shows the foreign language, the second line the word-by-word translation (=de-coding) into the mother tongue. 
Clicking on START, you should listen to the Native Speakers who are speaking the text of the first line, and read the de-coding into your mother tongue. This works like with karaoke: The word pair you are listening to and reading is highlighted synchronously to the speakers. The easy-to-use menu allows you to stop whenever you want, repeat sequences etc. Furthermore, you can set your preferred font size, speed of speech, volume and design of the programme.

Another advantage of the Linguajet learning programme is the success control: Learned words can be clicked on and translations are thereby hidden. All these learned words are summed up in the word counter. This visual learning control motivates to continue learning. The Linguajet Mobile App includes the same features.
How does the Linguajet Mobile App work?
The Mobile App by Linguajet offers the same features as the computer version. All language courses may also be used with the app. Download the app for free here:

Click here to download the App for Android.
Click here to download the App for iOS.
Log into the app with your profile (the same as you use on the computer). All settings and courses will be taken over and synchronized whenever you have internet connection on your phone or tablet. Offline usage is possible (except watching the video clips of jetMovie language courses)
What is "Active Listening"?
Active Listening or the Karaoke Exercise will help you understanding the meaning of the words and learning the grammar of the foreign language. This is how it works: Listen to the speakers of the foreign language while reading along the de-coding (word-by-word translation). Repeat this exercise until you understand most of the words. Only a few minutes a day are enough to proceed quickly (divide your total learning time into 10 minute exercises to double your learning success!).
What is "Passive Listening"?
Passive Listening or Background Listening means listening to the foreign language day and night, while concentrating on other things of your daily life. You may clean up your flat, cook, work, sleep or whatever you do during day and night. Your subconscious is listening to the audio even thought you are not concentrating on what you here actively. This way, your brain creates those nerve pathways which are needed to speak a foreign language. 

This works based on the so-called Child Principle: Like a child you are surrounded with the foreign language day and night. This way you get used to the new noises, rhythm and melody of speech. There is only one difference: You will not need years to be able to speak the language, because you have prepared yourself by going through the Active Listening/Karaoke Exercise. Furthermore, you already speak at least one other language wherefore you know about the basics of a language. After about 6 to 9 days of Passive Listening you will be ready to speak the language yourself.
Do I have to wait with Passive Listening after completing all Active Listening exercises?
No. You can start with Passive Listening of a lesson at the same time as you do the Active Listening exercises. However, listening passively to a lesson that you did/do not listen to actively does not help much, since you should understand at least part of the text. Your brain cannot process information that is senseless to it (words that you do not understand).
How can I do the Passive Listening exercise on my MP3 player?
All audio files may be exported to an mp3 player, smartphone etc. To do so, open your language course. Next to each lesson you will see an export button. Click on it to export the audio file.
How often do I have to repeat the exercises to learn efficiently?
There is no "one size fits all". However, you can decide on your own how fast you would like to proceed. The more often you exercise, the faster your learning process. It is important that you use the 10-minute-training, meaning doing one exercise for 10 minutes and changing to another exercise (or making a break) for another 10 minutes. 
At the beginning you will start to understand the foreign language bit by bit. Afterwards, you will be able to speak the language yourself perfectly. 
Have a look at the learning guarantee to calculate your learning time per day: Learning guarantee and achievements. 
What is the Karaoke Effect?
The Karaoke Effect is unique for Linguajet language courses. It describes the synchronous highlighting of the word pairs that you are listening to (foreign language) and reading (mother tongue, word-by-word translation). 

This way your brain automatically de-codes the grammar rules of the foreign language. Moreover, it makes cramming vocabularies unnecessary. As soon as you understand a word, you can hide the de-coding (word-by-word translation) by click on it. Step by step you hide all the de-coding until only the foreign language remains.

General Questions

What does "Birkenbihl" stand for?
All our language courses where developed based on the Birkenbihl Approach. The inventor Vera F. Birkenbihl was a popular German author and management trainer. She dedicated her life to the science of learning and teaching. Especially brain-friendly learning was her passion. She developed the Birkenbihl Approach to learn foreign languages as well as various other learning methods. The Birkenbihl Approach is based on the technique of de-coding (translate word-by-word) a foreign text into your mother tongue. We have further developed this learning method based on latest studies and modern technology. Today, you are able to profit from this brain-friendly learning method by learning a foreign language on your computer or mobile app.
Which language course is the best for me?
We mainly distinguish Basic and Advanced Courses. The Basic course is suitable for all beginners ans those with very little pre-knowledge. The Advances Course is best for all who have a good basic of the language already. 
Additionally we offer special courses such as the jetMovies that come with video clips including the jetLine, Magazines for learning English and Spanish as well as courses on special topics, like holidays, culinary etc. Visit our product overview to find out more: Linguajet product.
Where can I find a Linguajet product overview?
Find all courses (for different mother tongues) here:
English mother tongue: EN product overview
German mother tongue: DE_product overview
French mother tongue: FR_product overview
Do you offer free trials?
Yes, you can test 2 lessons of every language course for free and with all its features. Click here to get a free trial.
Do you also offer language courses for kids?
Yes, for mother tongue German. These can be found on our German national webshop:
Which language courses will follow soon?
To stay up to date, we encourage you to sign up for our product news including valuable learning advice here: Sign up here.
Where is the difference between the mobile version and the computer course?
The mobile version and the desktop version have the same features without differences. The mobile app is free of charge - download the app Linguajet Mobile App from Google Play or the iStore. Settings and courses from the desktop version are taken over to the mobile version. You just need to log in with the same credentials.
I cannot use the PDF.
Please send us an email to including the following information:
1) Which courses did you acquire?
2) Which operating system do you use?

Tip for windows users:
1) Right click on the CD-R drive
2) Choose "Open" to show the PDF

In case this procedure does not help, please send us a screenshot of the file explorer with the CD-R drive. We will contact you shortly.
How can I pay in your webshop?
1) PayPal
2) Credit card via PayPal
I don't use credit cards. Can I still by in your webshop?
Please send us an email to to find a solution.
Can you provide me with a company invoice?
Yes. Please provide us with your company information during checkout. Please also include your company identification number in the comments section.
What's your delivery times?
We offer software versions only. So no shipping of hardware products are necessary. We will deliver the software right after payment.
How do I redeem a discount code?
1. Visit our webshop at and choose the courses that you would like to acquire.
2. Add these courses to your shopping cart.
3. Click on "checkout". The original prices are shown.
4. Enter your data in the left column. Enter your discount code in the right column ("Discount"). Click "Apply" to recalculate your prices.
6. Click "continue" and enter your payment method.
Click here for a detailed explanation.

Technical Questions

What operation systems are compatible with the Linguajet Software?


  • 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor or Intel® Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbook class devices
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Server® 2008, Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise (including 64-bit editions) with Service Pack 2, Windows 7, or Windows 8 Classic
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)

Mac OS

  • Intel® Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
  • Mac OS X v10.6 or higher
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
How to install the Linguajet Mobile App?
The mobile app is free of charge. All acquired language courses are usable on the mobile app. Log into the app with your credentials (same as you set up in your Desktop version). Click here to download the app for Android. Click here to download the app for iOS.
How to install the Linguajet Desktop (program for computer and laptop)?
Install the program on your PC or Mac. Download the latest version here: 

In case you encounter any difficulties, please send us an email with a detailed explanation of the error message to
I cannot install the demo version (free trial).
Please read through the handbook with its step by step guideline. In case you still can't solve your problem, please send us an email, including the following information:
1) Operating system you are using
2) Browser you are using

We will contact you shortly.
Can I install the program on more than one device?
Yes, you may install the program on as many devices as you want. However, you can only use one profile for each course. Therefore, different people need to log in with different credentials and a separate licence.
Where can I find the serial number?
We send you the serial number with the payment confirmation that you received via email. Please also check your spam file.
The serial number does not work!
In case your serial number does not work, please send us an email to including the following information: 1) Name of the language course that you bought 2) The serial number which does not work.
We will contact you shortly to solve this issue.
How do I receive the lastest version of the "Linguajet Desktop" software?
Updates are free of charge. The program will update automatically. You can download the newest version manually from:
In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at
How can I deinstall the program?
Windows: Go to your system preferences and choose the function "Add/delete applications (or programs).
Mac OSX: Delete the file Linguajet Desktop from your applications folder.

How can I get in contact with you?

For general questions, wishes and suggestions please contact us via the contact form.  
Alternatively you may call us at +41 800 001 360.

For technical advice please write us an email to Please describe your problems in detail.