jetMovie is an innovative company finding new, fun ways for you to learn a foreign language. While watching a movie you can learn using the karaoke effect. This means that you can actively engage along with text and video. We guarantee an enjoyable experience with long-term results!

Traditional learning and teaching methods don’t work for our brains! Meaningful, memorable learning experiences are key. If we have fun while acquiring knowledge and skills, it is much easier to remember key information and pass the time.

This is where Learning-Entertainment comes in. Together, we work to develop skills intuitively and apply them directly. You will be surprised at how quickly you can begin to speak a new language. In fact, our learning methods will make speaking this new language automatic- that means no more pausing or comparing words to your native tongue!


New: jetMovie language courses from Linguajet!

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This course includes a movie with a decoding line, as well as the computer program, where you can find text to follow along with the movie. One awesome feature of this program is the vocabulary counter, which gives you direct feedback about your progress. Another great feature is our adjustable playback speeds. Especially at the beginning, the ability to slow down the movie will help you listen to specific sounds or recall meaningful phrases. This helps you adjust to any foreign language faster than you ever thought possible.

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What advantages do the jetMovie language courses provide?

  • Learning a foreing language and entertainment
  • You profit from the karaoke-effect:
    It is not necessary anymore to study vocabulary and grammar!
  • Content: Computer prgoramme and jetMovie within one product
  • Extensive additional material


How does it work?

While you watch the movie, a so-called decoding line will appear at the bottom of the screen where the spoken words are simultaneously displayed. You can see the words in the foreign language on top and the word-for-word translation in your native language below that.

In the beginning, you should read the bottom line. Later on, when you have a better understanding of the meaning, you would then read the top line, which displays the foreign language. With this method, you will be able to dive into the foreign language until you master it.

You will experience the movie in virtual reality, which will provide you with practically the same learning scenarios as you would find in the real world. This method is extremely accelerated, meaning you will not have to study vocabulary anymore. To remember the learned vocabulary, it is best to repeat the exercises in 10-minute intervals.

It is necessary to have a secure internet connection to play the jetMovies. As a part of our package, we offer our cloud as a way to enjoy the jetMovies on your mobile device/s!


Curious? See how easy it can be!

Choose between English and Spanish!

jetMovie Screenshot, TV-Film Englisch lernen, Karaoke EffektjetMovie, TV-Film Englisch lernen, Karaoke Effekt

Doppelpack jetMovie, Spansich Doppelpack, jetMovie, Englisch, Karaoke Effekt

Do you have questions about the jetMovies?

How can I watch a jetMovie?
In order to access the jetMovies you have to log on to the Learning Environment (LE). You will need to know your e-mail address and the password you specified when you registered for the computer course.
Go to the Learning Environment Zum Learning Environment

Have you forgotten your password? Here you can request a new one: Click Here. Hier klicken 

After you have firstly entered the Learning Environment your computer can automatically log in and the following times you just have to go the link. Afterwards the list of your purchased courses will be made available. If it is a jetMovie, you will find an additional link to a video for each lesson. If you click on the link "play video", the video will start automatically in a new browser window.