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Learn Italian practically and purposefully with the Linguajet online mobile app. We offer you an innovative learning method that supports the natural learning mechanisms of the human brain. So you can enjoy learning quickly and with lasting success.

The basic course teaches you to communicate on a basic level in the foreign language.

The advanced course teaches you to converse in a foreign language.

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Learn Italian - master la bella lingua online

Italy - Rome, Venice, Pisa, the Adriatic and much more... A beautiful country with thousands of years of history, which attracts millions of tourists every year.

There are many good reasons to learn Italian, and also many language courses offered. However, the effort involved in learning a language in this way is disproportionate to the result. Every week you have to sacrifice several hours of your free time to learn vocabulary and grammar rules by heart in language schools that are often far away.

Online language courses want to counter this by allowing you to choose your own learning times. However, most online courses suffer from the same problems as traditional language schools. Here, too, conventional teaching methods mean you have to approach the beautiful Italian language in a frustrating way.

In the meantime, the motivation to learn quickly falls by the wayside for most people because success is very slow. It has been proven that it is only possible for the human brain to learn if motivation remains high.
Linguajet has therefore adopted the method of the famous motivational trainer Vera F. Birkenbihl to offer you learning techniques that mirror the way the human brain naturally learns.

The Linguajet offer

Linguajet offers online language courses in Italian and many other languages.

Whether you have some previous knowledge of Italian or are a complete beginner - with Linguajet you will find the courses you need to practice at home or on the move with the Linguajet app.

All Linguajet courses follow the Birkenbihl method for brain-friendly learning.

Brain-based learning according to Birkenbihl

Brain-based learning techniques respect and support the natural learning mechanisms of the human brain. The methods are based on findings in neurology. Vera F. Birkenbihl recognized that one of the most original ways of learning is through imitation.

Our ancestors in the Stone Age learned by observing their environment and imitating desired behavior. Although modern schools today usually take a very theoretical approach, we have not yet forgotten this original learning technique.

To use imitation to learn a language, we must get to know a language before we speak it. Consider how small children learn their mother tongue: They listen for months before they begin to articulate words themselves. This is exactly the approach taken by Linguajet's language courses.

Learn Italian online with Birkenbihl

Language learning is often associated with a lot of effort. Before you learn to speak, you have to tackle the theory of grammar and vocabulary. This is not intuitive and far from brain-friendly.

With the Birkenbihl method, you begin by making the Italian language transparent using brain-friendly methods. Linguajet offers you texts presented by native speakers and jetMovies film clips in which Italians talk in everyday situations.

Both the texts and the jetMovies are shown with Italian subtitles and a so-called decoding line.

What does "decoding" mean?

The decoding line displays a word-for-word translation of the text as it is read aloud. As you can see the direct translation for every word you hear, you understand the content of the texts right away, even if you have no previous knowledge of Italian.

In this way the texts and thus also the Italian language become transparent for you from the first learning unit on. You can learn the meaning of words without learning by rote, even if they have different meanings in different contexts. You can also learn grammar rules intuitively without having to deal with them in a dry, theoretical way.

The first step in learning a language in this way is active listening. This is where the decoding line is used.

Active listening

Listen to the text and read the decoding line at the same time. The tutorial marks the words that are being spoken at the moment. You can set the speed of the process yourself.

Repeat this exercise until you can understand the meaning of all words without looking at the decoding line. Words you have learned can be hidden in the decoding line. When only the Italian subtitles are still visible, you have successfully completed the first step.

Passive listening

After you have internalized the content of the text, let the audio track play very quietly as background noise. You do not need to listen consciously, but can pursue your usual everyday activities, even if these produce noises.

Your subconscious will still perceive the foreign language sounds. This will help your brain to create the nerve pathways necessary to pronounce the Italian words correctly. The same neurological mechanisms are activated when infants learn to speak or when you are surrounded by native speakers every day during a longer stay abroad.

Passive listening does not require any active participation from you, which is why no additional time is required. This means that you can read, play a game with your family or even watch TV.

Fast results in a short time

As described above, a constant motivation is necessary for successful learning. With the Birkenbihl method, you experience rapid learning successes that activate your brain's reward center. This in turn strengthens your motivation, so that your learning success remains the same.

Yet this doesn’t take up much of your time. The learning sessions are divided into blocks of ten minutes. If you work on one of these blocks a day, you will soon notice progress. Even if you want to work on several learning blocks in one day, a ten-minute learning break is planned after each block.

Since the human brain still goes on subconsciously processing what it has learned for about seven minutes, these pauses are necessary. At this brain-friendly pace you can almost double your learning time without additional effort.

The more learning sessions you do in one day, the faster you will learn to speak Italian. In general, however, you only need about six to ten days per text to be able to speak it perfectly - i.e. without an accent.
In addition to these rapid advances, the small learning units can, of course, also be integrated very well into your everyday life. Whether you want to take a language course after work or learn the app on public transport - ten minutes can easily be dispensed with several times a day without sacrificing too much free time.

Free online lesson in Italian

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