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Spanish is a passionate language. To be able to enter into charming small talk as quickly as possible, even as a native northerner, learn with the flexible convenience of the Linguajet mobile app - and have a lot of fun along the way! Thanks to brain-friendly learning with the Birkenbihl method, learning success is not long in coming and you will start talking in no time at all!

The basic course teaches you to communicate on a basic level in the foreign language.

The advanced course teaches you to converse in a foreign language.

With the combination offer you keep going and save money.

Learn Spanish - Vamos online and via the app

Cuba and Costa Brava - even though these two coasts are more than 1,000 km apart they have a few things in common: Sun, sea, holidays and a beautiful language that only very few people learn at school.

Besides English and Mandarin, Spanish is one of the three most widely spoken languages in the world, because besides Europe it is also spoken in the USA, South America, parts of Africa and many other places. This makes the language very interesting not only for holidaymakers but also for business people.

Consequently, many different language courses offer Spanish lessons. However, learning a language in a traditional language course is very time-consuming. You have to spend time on the course at least once a week, often in the evening, and then you still need to find the time and motivation for homework.

It feels rather like going back to school: Learning grammar rules, cramming vocabulary and taking tests all have a negative impact on our motivation to learn. But without motivation it is a very difficult and time-consuming process. Anyone who works and has a family knows how valuable their free time is. If you don't want to waste your time with an ineffective and frustrating course, you should try the Birkenbihl method from Linguajet.

Flexible learning with Linguajet

Linguajet offers online language courses not only for Spanish, but also for many other languages.

You can learn at home on your computer, but you can also practice spontaneously wherever and whenever a suitable moment arises thanks to the practical Linguajet mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Whether you are new to Spanish or already have some Spanish skills, Linguajet is aimed at beginners and advanced learners. In order to enable particularly effective learning, Linguajet uses the brain-friendly learning method of the famous motivational trainer Vera F. Birkenbihl.

Brain-friendly learning supports the natural way the brain learns.

Observe, then do it yourself

Most schools and traditional language courses, in contrast, focus on old-fashioned language teaching: Learning vocabulary and grammar rules by heart.

This approach is far from brain-friendly. Thousands of years ago, humans mainly learned through imitation. First our ancestors observed their environment, then they imitated behaviors that seemed desirable to them.

In order to learn a language, this means first hearing a language before speaking it. This is the only way to learn the correct pronunciation and to understand the rules of the language intuitively. The youngest members of our society still learn like this: Toddlers listen to their caregivers long before they themselves begin to imitate sounds.

This is the only way to activate the correct nerve pathways in the brain that are necessary to speak a language correctly.

Learn Spanish with the Birkenbihl method

To achieve this, Linguajet follows the Birkenbihl method: You learn Spanish step by step in a brain-friendly way. The video courses are particularly suitable for this.

You can observe and hear native speakers talking in various everyday situations. Depending on your personal interests, you can choose from various topics, such as holidays or the world of work.

The dialog is accompanied by two lines of subtitles. In the upper line, the text runs in Spanish. The bottom line is the so-called decoding line. Here you see a literal translation of the Spanish text.

Active listening

This word-for-word translation gives you a thorough understanding of the text content right away and with no prior knowledge.

The language course allows you to have Spanish texts read to you by a native speaker. You learn the correct pronunciation and emphasis of the words right from the start. At the same time, you read the decoding line to learn the meaning of the Spanish words.

In contrast to classic vocabulary learning, you absorb the meaning of words intuitively and do not have to dig around in your memory for translations when you want to say something.

Listen to the text again and again until you are confident that you understand the words. The program lets you hide each word whose meaning you have internalized.

When you can only see the Spanish text, it’s time to move onto the second step - passive listening.

Passive listening

Once you understand the text, let the soundtrack run in the background, so quietly that it is barely audible. You can also transfer the texts to an MP3 player and listen to them through headphones.

As the text is running, you can pursue your usual everyday activities, even the noisy ones. While you are otherwise engaged, your subconscious still perceives the text.

This further stimulates your brain to create the corresponding nerve pathways. Again, these are the same mechanisms as in babies and toddlers. People who have studied abroad observe a similar effect: If you are constantly hearing Spanish spoken by native speakers, you will automatically adopt the correct pronunciation, even if you do not actively seek it.

Linguajet clearly focuses on teaching you to speak and understand Spanish intuitively. Since you learn in a brain-friendly way, you soon become aware of your learning successes. This activates the reward center of your brain and increases your motivation.

Get results quickly with minimum effort

Unlike other online courses, Linguajet is distinguished by the fact that you can speak Spanish in a very short time. Since the Birkenbihl method supports natural learning, it is possible to use your time particularly effectively.

Even a ten-minute unit brings initial results. The brain continues to subconsciously process what it has just learned for about seven minutes. Therefore, you should take a ten-minute break after each learning unit, during which time you get on with something else. This allows you to almost double the learning effect with virtually no additional effort.
The best effect is achieved if you insert such a learning unit at least once a day. The more often you learn this way per day, the faster you will progress.

Because the sessions are so short, you can easily integrate them into your everyday life without having to do without anything: Either during your lunch break, after work or by app on the bus - it’s not difficult to find a time window of ten minutes several times a day.
After only about six to ten days you will be able to speak the learned text perfectly.



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